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Sezar Group on changes in the «Rasskazovo» RC design project

At a press-conference, which took place on April 23rd in the IIA «Russia Today» press-center, Sezar Group holding presented results of changes, introduced by the company in the «Rasskazovo» RC integrated urban development project.

According to updated concept, on 34 ha site there will be 10 residential houses, 3 kindergartens, 2 health clinics, school, shopping mall, multilevel car park. Prior to this, project provided 7 residential buildings, 2 hotel and office buildings, 2 kindergartens, health clinic, school, office and shopping center and two multilevel car parks.

«Office real estate share, consisting 1/3 of total «Rasskazovo» RC building volume has always been a «weak point» of project’s financial model. Cost growth due to the 2014 crisis has raised a problem of economic profitability, presenting the company with a need to find a solution which would allow fulfilling liabilities to customers. It was important to preserve guaranteed quality of the product – architecture, decoration of common areas, urban landscaping – while keeping financial balance of the project profitable. Therefore we decided to take hotel and office real estate off the table and build additional residential real estate», — says Sezar Group business director Olga Barabanova.

As a result of complex reorganization, amount of social infrastructure was doubled. With that utilization factor for every resident was fundamentally improved. This index grew by 35% for kindergartens, by 45% for health clinics and by 35% for school capacity.

Number of floors in new houses will be cascaded, from 8 to 22, growing from existing buildings to site border. Architectural design succeeds existing ensemble of «Moscow classic» with facade decorations of empire and art deco styles. New houses of the complex will include underground car parks. This solution allowed increasing ratio of provision complex habitants with car-places by 25% compared with the 2014 project, raise level of comfort and minimize auto traffic in the residential complex area.

«Understanding that changes affect interests of those who have already bought apartments, while redesigning project solutions we followed a principle of preserving all characteristics that were promised in co-investment agreement as well as compensating all «negative» changes to «positive». Thus, of 84 criteria, by which our residential complex is chosen by customers, fundamental changes were made for 8, 6 of which are positive», — Olga Barabanova explains.

A «yard without cars» concept will be implemented in long-range phase, as well as in houses already built. Urban landscaping provides children’s playgrounds, sports and recreation areas, landscape design with rotundas and xystus.

Interior design solutions for entrance groups and common areas suggest utilization of top-grade materials, custom-made furniture and lighting equipment. Apartment mix provides single- two- and three-rooms apartments with possibility of unifying any adjacent apartments to achieve required footage.

The «Rasskazovo» RC is an urban development project of «comfort-plus» class in New Moscow. The complex is located 7 km from MRHW by Kievskoe or Borovskoe highway in the pedestrian availability from «Rasskazovka» metro station and is surrounded by Ulyiyanovskyi forest park. As of today four houses of the first stage are built and inhabited, houses of the second stage are under introduction into service, building of the third stage began in January 2018. Company expects to start works on the fourth stage houses in 2018.

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