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Every fourth customer calls for the option of unifying apartments in business-class segment

More than 25% of deals in the «Dynasty» RC — purchase of adjacent apartments, combinations of which allow full customization of living space on individual demands. The most popular footage – 110-140 meters. These conclusions were made on results of one and a half year sales of the «Dynasty» RC. As on June 2018, 80% of the first stage apartments and 40% of the second stage apartments have been sold. Price of apartments in the «Dynasty» RC ranges from 200 thousand rubles to 275 thousand rubles.

Sezar Group business director Olga Barabanova tells about preconditions that led the company to the idea of unifying apartments as sales technology:
«Human factors are very influent when choosing apartment. Besides the base criterion of required footage, every customer has a lot of requirements for a «perfect apartmentе», which are impossible to be brought into accordance. One person is and early bird and it is crucial for him to have windows faced to the East, another wants an L-shaped exercise room overlooking Moscow-City, someone else wants «only 7 floor», because it is his lucky number. With that, as social status grows so do requirements for apartment. «Standard issue» of possible planning solutions becomes a limitation of choice, obstacle for potential customer’s «dream» fulfillment. We set up a goal to create a product as flexible as possible, which could be customized under certain demand. An architectural bureau within our holding helped us reach it».

Unifying apartments became possible thanks to the fact that all supporting members are maximally «hidden» within outer walls, walls of halls and wetcore areas. Due to variety of base planning solutions and an option to combine adjacent apartments, customer can choose from more than 100 options with floor space increments of 10-15 meters. It provides customer with possibility of managing chosen solution: choose required footage, floor and scenic characteristics, set up apartment configuration.

All of the «Dynasty» RC apartments are free layout, which coupled with unifying technology, provides possibility of in-process control over living space in the long run. «Today you have a baby and need a bigger footage. Tomorrow this baby will require his own apartment. By choosing unifying, for instance, adjacent two- and single room apartments you get big apartment today with a possibility of separating it back in two when needed», — Olga Barabanova adds. — Possibility of «customizing» living space in accordance with current needs lets us overcome «housing problem», expert concludes.

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